Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drama queen.

I haven't been around on blogsville for a very long while. No, I wasn't put behind the bars for committing some crime or anything, I was just very (like really very) busy with my college and other related things. Hope you guys didn't miss me too much.

This is to update you people with what I'm doing. I have got admission for B.Tech Computers in NMIMS University, Mumbai. I will become an Engineer with a blink of your eye (if your blink lasts for 4 years).

Reason why I haven't been around: My college is 2 hours away from my house. By the time I reach home, I'm completely drained. Forget coming online, I don't even have the energy to keep my eyes open.

Solution to this: I am shifting to a place close to my college. Me and my brother will be living there because both of us have our business close to that area. Dad is leaving the city. So is mom, with my dad.

We will have to leave the current house. This house, where I have grown. From being a dumb 10 year old kid, to being a smart 18 year old girl-- the journey, the pangs, the raves and the rants have been witnessed by this very house. It can never be erased from my memory. Not even when I become a 90 year old woman.

Okay, all this was just scribbling about the ongoings. There has to be SOME motive in my blogpost. Here it is...

Have you ever been to a relative's house who doesn't stay in your city?
If you have, I'm sure you can relate to this.

Me and my mom had gone to Lucknow for a week after I was done with all my 12th standard exams. I have 2 relatives staying there. One belongs to my mom's side, and the other to my dad's.
We stayed with the mom's side relatives and went to visit the others on the last day of our visit.

Now mind you, this family which we visited, is a joint family. There are some 3-4 bua's, 2 dadi's, 4-5 chacha's, 4-5 chachi's and 10 cousins. All in one house. So in a way it was good that we could wrap up the visiting formality of meeting EVERYone in just one day.

While leaving, there is this tradition in my family. My mom being the bahu and me being the beti of the house, they all give us either money or some gift.
Each and every bua, chachi, dadi come and try to push a 100 rupee note into your pocket. And you say "Arey nahi, aise thodi na. Iski kya zaroorat hai.", and all that. We know that we have to do this drama for 2 minutes(each) maximum and then accept the gift, ultimately.

I thought this drama was pointless. So, I simply accepted the money at first. Whereas, my mother was busy with her drama of not willing to accept.
My mother saw that I wasn't doing it. So she comes and does it on my behalf as well.
"Arey ek ko de diya na, kaafi hai.", and slightly pushes the gift away. Whereas I sit with my hands in the position of catching a ball from the sky. I ultimately do get the gift. So, my mom uses all her energy in vain.

This entire giving-ranting-pushing-pulling-screaming-kissing-scratching-winking-smiling-taking episode goes on for 10 whole minutes. It is fun. But pointless. Seriously.

It was funny too. I mean, both the sides know that this ALWAYS happens. But STILL both of them do it with all their might.

Interesting, isn't it.

I will try to stick around now. :)

P.S. Blunt edges, I shall try to take up that tag. Thanks for tagging :)


Anonymous said...

Haha.. I completely second you on thoughts about the formal thanksgiving :D. Have seen that happening since the day I saw anything :O

11 yr old dumb and smart 18 yr old... Just 7 years ? Wow.. Well I am yet to get smart. Get hit on head every now and then :(

Congratulations on getting into CSE. Though I am not into CSE but yes,engineering does waste a lot of my time :P

Hope to see more of you in days to come !

Sumit said...

Lol!! I guess that's one scene that stays the same across so many families in various parts of the country.. :P

Congos on getting into NM. :)

blunt edges said...

welcome back :D
well as long as u get cash, why complain? ;)

n do the tag when u get the time :D

Push Vs Pull said...

First congrats for NMIMS which is really great college.

It's so typical saas bahu family stuff but kya kare !

Nice happy post!

HaRy!! said...

well i know most of these updates :) but anyways didnt know yu were to move from yur prev place...kinda pity indeed it is to move from yur ol place!! Lol abt the 11 year old dumb gal..., but who said yu were smart now ;)?? hav fun! cya around and keep posting again!

Jyoti said...

@Maximus: Welcome to my blog! :) And thank you for appreciating my post :) yeah I have to admit that i was a dumb girl when i was 11 yrs old. Now, I am COMPARATIVELY 100 times smarter. :D

@Sumit: Yeah ;) And thank you so much! :D

Jyoti said...

@Blunt edges: Dhanyawaad. Well yeah, I'm not complaining. Its just a gig that I feel is funny. All that matters to me is getting the money ultimately. That's why I sit with my hands in the position of catching a ball from the sky, you see.

Jyoti said...

@Push vs Pull: Thank you for following my blog :D I'm honoured.
Also, Thank you for congratulating me ;)
And lastly, thank you for appreciating my post.

@Hary: Yeah about me shifting, it got finalised just recently. It all happened so suddenly. And Hello, I AM SMART NOW OKAY? :P

gkam said...

i can identify this post in many ways.
1. i too used to travel exactly 2.5 hours to my engg college, but the other way around.
2. I too moved in closer to my college.. fun 4 years of partying (scratch that) studying :P
3. that gifting formality is sooo evident in Indian households, but who cares once u rake in the moolah! :P
4. I too...naah, wasn't dumb... ;) ;P

Good luck with ur engg, make the most of it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it into engg. Ab to maze hi maze haan ? Atleast you don't suffer with books more than half your own weight. Unlike me. Oh well.

Ah the money giving. In my case it's touching feet that follows. Ek baar I just went around the room, all bent over and touched everyone's feet in a single round. Of course falling on mom's feet finally was the icing on the cake. Story of my life.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

so how much did you make?

Shweta said...

you know, we could probably earn a living by visiting our relatives maximum 5 times a year.

good for those who just wanna chill out at home :)

Vikas Chandra said...

ur posts r genuinely sweet...
1. u will obviously be an engineer..and 2 b an engineer u dont need to study(personal experience).So blog instead. We love to read u.
2."From being a dumb 10 year old kid, to being a smart 18 year old girl". I like the way u used 'smart' so confidently!!
3.I remember going to mama's or bua's house..I used to return wealthy with so much money stuffed in my pocket... I was not so gud in acting like "iski kya zaroorat hai mamaji?" i just mugged these words and anyone who used to give money..I used to just say it without any expressions!!!
Great old customs!

Jyoti said...

@gkam: WOAH. Its like I'm repeating the life you've already lived :P I feel proud. :D

@Post Script: Thank youu :D Yesss I hope I clear it with zero ATKTs. And yes, the touching feet thing. Phew!

Jyoti said...

@Scattered Thoughts: Haha ;) I made enough to keep myself happy :D

@Shweta: Aahaha, yeah you're right.

Jyoti said...

@Vikas Chandra: I somehow feel honoured to hear all that from you. Seriously. Somehow you sound sweeter than usual. Has my absence affected you to SUCH an extent? :P
Thank you :D

manisha said...

i know!!! this happens the same with me, even when i go to meet my relatives in mumbai!!!

ultimately u have the gift....n nw i have started accepting them happily...!!!....and u have to see their faces when u sa "no"...they r like crestfallen...1!!!

AJai said...

The best part of visiting relatives na... they drop money in to your hand whn you're leaving. :)

Bala said...

Just landed in ur blog by chance... but not regretting for that... Good writing here dude!!!

Everytime this gifting formality and the drama associated with it happens when I visit my relatives... Its's the way they show their love towards... then y to play that drama... be open to accept their love... When they come to our home, shower more such love to them...

And , congrats for getting into engineering.. So one more software engineer after 4 years... but not at the blink of the eye buddy...

Enjoy your college life!

Nitin said...

lovely... U.HAVE.ONE.GREAT.BLOG; very pleasing to the eye

Rohan said...

Rofl,the idea of jus accepting the gifts rags is totally boom, they want to give it and secretly we want too, who would not be happy with an extra 100 or 200 bucks :P

Our own own money kinds, earned by going to that relative :P:P

Spend it wisely on beer or food :P:P j/k

Loved the post :)

Keep writing :)


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shivam shekhawat said...

ROFL this post made my day...can still remember how when I was a kid relatives used to push money in my pockets and my mother always came in time to say "itna thode hi dete hain, iski kya jaroorat hai" and the same pushing, pulling, screaming, kissing used to start every-time, the common dialogue from the other side was always "arre jyada kahan hai, aur phir hum to bacche ko de rahe hain, tumhe thode hi"

shivam shekhawat said...

I think every kid in our country goes through that...right?

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